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What is there in Drupal Community & their Do's and Don't's sivaji A quick walk-through on what I have learned from my experience about Drupal community. Beginner
Case Study : Campus Diaries( - One of the world’s most dynamic, diverse performance-driven Drupal website. raj.chourasia Website case study of Campus Diaries is India’s largest storytelling, media and publishing platform. Most customized drupal website : Completely ajaxified, Diverse...
Drupal 8 - Our new world vijaycs85

This session covers:

  1. Configuration translation & schema.
  2. RIP to Variables & new born CMI.
  3. New routing system.
  4. Why is it important to get...
Effective use of Memcache in Drupal vaibhavjain This session would be for beginers, where I would like to cover
  1. Basics of memcache
  2. Installing memcache on system
  3. Integrating memcache in Drupal (Made quite easy with drupal...
Future Proof Your Drupal Skills Drupal 8 is coming and its going to be Awesome! Remember your first Drupal 7 project and how all of a sudden discussions on entity/field API came crashing...
Hack Your Drupal Application - Think like a Hacker to Prevent Hacking subhransu

Cyber Security should be one of the major concerns of any web application. This session is all about securing your Drupal Portal as per...

Intermediate Track 1
How NOT to build Drupal Sites ?
  • What NOT to do while building Drupal Site?
  • Most common pitfalls that even seasoned PHP developers commit while building sites with Drupal
Migrating Content from Terminal Four 'Site Manager' to Drupal 7 including SCALD assets using Migrate Module piyushpoddar A descriptive session on how we managed a critical migration project from proprietary 'Site Manager' framework to Drupal 7 using the Migrate Module. Intermediate
Multi-lingual Implementations – Drupal design approaches for different scenarios rmohindra

Summary :- The presentation will describe the different approaches to translate content in Drupal.

The generics & specifics of QA on the web swetashahi In this session, I will provide a brief introduction of traditional QA practices in any product development environment. Intermediate
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